Knife by R J Anderson

R.J. Anderson is another of those writers I met online way back when, can't remember how. When I found out she was coming to Ottawa for the Writers' Festival, I jumped on the opportunity to meet her. We did lunch, and I went to her presentation to an enthusiastic crowd of schoolkids who mobbed her afterwards. I was the impromptu photographer, but the less we say about that the better.

The book she was talking to the children about was Knife, a fairy story with a difference. Knife is the name of the fairy. Don't go looking for glitter in that story...

It took me years but I read it some time back and was blown away. R.J. is a superb writer, and while this story may officially be for kids, but it is in no way juvenile.

Enclave Publishing is re-releasing Knife this summer. If you have any kids in your life (and boys will love this too. I mean, she has a KNIFE) or if you are wise enough to love good children's literature for yourself, buy it. And no, R.J. has no idea I'm doing this. That's what makes it fun. 

R.J. Anderson's website