The Founding of Coventree

The First Founders of Coventree were a coven of English witches, brought to an Earth in a parallel universe by Mighty Ones who took advantage of a short-lived rift between the two worlds. Seeing as they were being severely persecuted in the England of the time, they did not need much persuading to leave behind everything they knew for a new world empty of all other people. Other covens followed in short order, but the original group took on an almost mythical status in Coventrean society. Children memorized their names in school and those fortunate enough to be descendants of the First Founders usually made a point of telling their neighbours more often than was strictly necessary.

The Founders, whether of the First or subsequent Orders, had only been able to bring with them what they could carry. Because of this they inevitably suffered a technological setback, and some technologies had still not been recovered at the time of the events of Disenchanted. By then they had reached a level similar to that of the late medieval period in our world, but with a very different mentality. They had come with a Renaissance mindset, and although their living conditions brought about quite a few changes, its influence was never erased. The books they had brought with them were reminders of what they could aspire to, and the social restlessness that had grown up by Blayn Goodwin’s time meant that they were starting to look for greater things.

Founder of Coventree
A founder of Coventree