ETA: Sorry, this offer is over now. You can still get a free book, but it won't be mine.

For a limited time (and I will confess no one has told me how limited) you can get an electronic copy of Disenchanted for free from a new service called Runaway Goodness. You sign up for notifications of special deals on eBooks and you get the first book free. To get Disenchanted, choose Christian as your preferred genre.

A note to Canadian readers

The only Canadian website supplying paperback copies of Disenchanted to consumers is Unfortunately, like too many American retailers, Amazon does not supply the same level of service to its non-American customers. What this means for you as a consumer is that if you try to buy Disenchanted in paperback format, you will get a message saying that it is temporarily out of stock. That message will never change. But it is misleading. It just means the book is not printed or warehoused in Canada. So you have several options.

  • You can order it on anyway. You will get it eventually, but it will take longer than normal orders.
  • You can order it from Barnes and Noble. Shipping will probably be more, but you will get it faster.
  • You can order it directly from me. I am still working out the details of this, but it will not cost more than an Amazon order, plus you will get it signed. Because I am not always in Canada, I can't always offer personalization unless you are willing to wait. This option will probably be cheaper than Barnes and Noble, and faster than Amazon.
  • You can get the eBook.

We Read Diverse Books August Challenge

For the month of August, your challenge is to read a book by an author of a different religion than yours, and by that I don't mean reading one by a Presbyterian if you're Pentecostal. Step right outside your own religion, whether you adhere to it through conviction or culture. Possibilities include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahai, and Wicca. The book should deal with what it means to believe in or belong to that particular religion, although it doesn't have to be the central theme of the story, just something essential to it, if you understand what I mean. It should give you a good feel of what it would be like to be a Buddhist or a Muslim, for example.

Possible authors would include Khaled Hosseini, Chaim Potok, Marilynne Robinson, and Chinua Achebe. Suggestions for specific books and authors are welcome!

And if you are new to this challenge, feel free to start late and read at your own pace. This is a great exercise for expanding your understanding of what other people experience.

The concept

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July's challenge

You're invited to the Disenchanted Launch Party

On July 14th, from 7:00-10:00 pm EDT, I will be holding a launch party for Disenchanted on a special dedicated page on this website. Christian fantasy authors Patrick W. Carr and Nadine Brandes will be joining me with interviews, question sessions, and prizes. There will be something going on the whole time and here's what you can expect:

7:00 Patrick interviews Janet. Nadine takes reader questions.
8:00 Janet interviews Nadine. Patrick takes reader questions.
9:00 Nadine interviews Patrick. Janet takes reader questions.

Those links will not go live until they're scheduled and comments will be closed 10 minutes after the event.

Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested, or to share on your social media. Looking forward to seeing you!

Unveiling Disenchanted

So here it is in all its glory: the cover for Disenchanted.

Disenchanted by Janet Ursel, cover design by Greg Simanson

Disenchanted by Janet Ursel, cover design by Greg Simanson

Indulge me, okay? I know this is more exciting for me than anybody else, for whom it is, at most, an "Oh, cool" moment. But still, you have to admit it's an awesome cover. I can't claim any merit, I wasn't the designer. But having seen some very nightmarish and tacky covers over the years, I am so glad my first book is going out into the world with a face that makes me proud instead of embarrassing me. Many thanks to Greg Simanson of Simanson Design.

What do you expect when you see a cover like this?

Cover reveal for A Time to Speak

I have recently poked my nose into Nadine Brandes' debut novel, A Time to Die, and I have been favourably impressed, even if I haven't finished reading it yet. I recommend that you check her out yourself. Her second novel, A Time to Speak, will be coming out soon and she's running a giveaway contest to celebrate. In the meanwhile, here is a look at the new cover.

Click over to Nadine's contest.

Knife by R J Anderson

R.J. Anderson is another of those writers I met online way back when, can't remember how. When I found out she was coming to Ottawa for the Writers' Festival, I jumped on the opportunity to meet her. We did lunch, and I went to her presentation to an enthusiastic crowd of schoolkids who mobbed her afterwards. I was the impromptu photographer, but the less we say about that the better.

The book she was talking to the children about was Knife, a fairy story with a difference. Knife is the name of the fairy. Don't go looking for glitter in that story...

It took me years but I read it some time back and was blown away. R.J. is a superb writer, and while this story may officially be for kids, but it is in no way juvenile.

Enclave Publishing is re-releasing Knife this summer. If you have any kids in your life (and boys will love this too. I mean, she has a KNIFE) or if you are wise enough to love good children's literature for yourself, buy it. And no, R.J. has no idea I'm doing this. That's what makes it fun. 

R.J. Anderson's website

Looking for a Launch Team

The clock is ticking, people. And I am looking for people who would like to be part of the countdown.

My Christian fantasy, Disenchanted, is releasing from Vox Dei Publishing July 14, 2015, and I’m looking for 15-25 individuals who love fantasy to help us spread the word online. 

Launch team members will receive a free PDF Advance Reader Copy of Disenchanted, personal interaction with me, and the exposure that comes with being part of a book launch. They will share, tweet, and pin exciting news surrounding Disenchanted's release, posts from me, and will even be extended opportunities to host me and my book on their own blogs.

Here's a quick idea of what the book is about: In a parallel Earth, populated by witches who fled Cromwell's England, an influential wizard turns his back on witchcraft at the worst possible time, leaving his land of Coventree vulnerable to a traitor who plans to subject it to the rule of the Black Priesthood. 

Disenchanted Launch Team

I’d love for you to join me on this exciting journey!

To apply, follow this link:

And if you have any questions, email me at or contact me through any of my social media.

(It might sound unprofessional, but my publishing team and I are getting so excited it hurts. We are expecting big things.)